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Inforeach Magazine Editorial Services

Inforeach Magazine Editorial Services

  • Revamp an existing magazine (fresh look and feel)
  • Start a new magazine (concept and publishing licence)
  • Cover design and page design
  • Editing and proof-reading of content
  • Pagination (advertisements and editorial pages)
  • Printing (paper or electronic)
  • Target Audience: Customers, Association/Club Members
  • Objective: Marketing tool, brand loyalty, cross-sell products
  • Good for: Clubs, Associations, Organizations, Retail Chains, Airlines, Banks
  • Media: Print or electronic

What can you give, on a regular basis that connects you to your customer / member? Inforeach recommends a customer magazine targeted at your customers / members to remind them of the value they get from being connected to you. This value can be useful information, special offers or sharing of ideas. In so doing, your customers or member will feel happy to be associated with the company / Association, and continue to purchase products / services or keep their membership.

Do customer magazines really work? Successful companies like TESCO supermarket giant (publishes 6.5 million copies) and Singapore Airlines use this as an effective marketing tool.

How Inforeach can help you to produce an Excellent Customer Magazine

Repeating press releases and company reports won’t make an interesting magazine. What you need is good content and the Inforeach Magazine Excellence Package. This offers compelling content that is relevant and engaging to customers, as well as publishing know-how in content planning and sourcing.

Inforeach Magazine Excellence Package

  • Content Planning (plan annual calendar of themes and topics)
  • Content Sourcing (find relevant articles and information)
  • Personal Interviews (talk to people for refreshing stories)

Compelling content combined with Inforeach Magazine Editorial Services will ensure that you can produce a quality magazine on time and every time.

Inforeach Magazine Titles

Many companies and Associations have worked with Inforeach to leverage on our skills and experience in magazine publishing. Have a look at the covers and content pages.

How to get a Quotation for Your Magazine

Now that you are interested to take the first step in magazine publishing, Inforeach is pleased to give you a quotation. The quote will cover production and content cost of a magazine for one year. This depends on many variables such as:

  • Number of pages
  • Type of paper for printing
  • Binding and finishing requirements
  • Number of copies to print
  • Content requirements
  • Photography requirements
  • Artwork and design

Please give us as much information as possible based on the list above so that we can give you a comprehensive quotation.