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InfoReach Book Editorial Services

Inforeach Book Editorial Services

  • Cover design and page design
  • ISBN application
  • Editing and proof-reading
  • Printing and binding (hardcover and softcover)
  • Target Audience: Existing and potential customers
  • Objective: Celebrate Milestones, Corporate Branding
  • Good for: Companies, Associations, Alumni, NGOs
  • Media: Hardcover/softcover books

What do you do when you want to tell the world that you have made it? Publish a book. For companies / Associations, you publish an anniversary / commemorative book to shout about your achievements as well as strengthen your brand and reputation. Words and photos tell your success story, making it an effective marketing tool. These books are also excellent corporate gifts to reward long-time customers or members. Thousands of companies around the world have come our with their own books, and so can you.

How Inforeach can help you to produce an Outstanding Book

Simply taking old files and photos and putting them together in a book will not tell the story of your hard-earned success over the years. Inforeach will help you in two key features that make an outstanding book – relevant photos and content that are relevant to your company / Association’s values and image. Besides depicting past achievements, compelling content comes via personal interviews that add colour and life to your book. Get these specialized services under the Inforeach Book Excellence Package.

Inforeach Book Excellence Package

  • Cover Title and Concept planning (reflect your achievements)
  • Photo Compilation (identify old photos and supporting visuals)
  • Personal Interviews (talk to people behind the success stories)

Once photos are compiled and interviews cum stories of prominent personalities are done, you are on the way to producing your book. The editorial aspects of design, production, editing plus printing will be handled by Inforeach.

Inforeach Book Titles

Producing a book is teamwork and we are happy that we have worked with reputable organizations to come out with some memorable books. Here are the cover and content pages of our books. Of course, you can’t read the whole book here!

How to get a quotation for Your Book

Take time to think through on what kind of book you want. We put down some variables here for you to ponder on.

  • Number of pages
  • Type of paper for printing
  • Type of cover (hardcover, softcover, jacket, bookcase)
  • Binding and finishing requirements
  • Number of copies to print