Clarity and Purpose in Writing

Editorial Services


Editorial Services

Get word power for profiles, cover stories, books, magazines, websites.

Engage your customers with compelling content on things and people that matter. Inforeach’s forte is identifying suitable content and interviewing people to get the right feel and message across. Wield the power of the pen with clear and concise writing. Be it marketing copy, people interviews, cover stories or feature articles you can leverage on our writing expertise.

See samples of Marketing Copy / People Interview Stories / Cover Stories and Feature Articles

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  • Type of publication- book, magazine, web
  • Audience and objective
  • Number of words
  • Number of people to interview
  • Number of drafts
  • Turnaround time

Editing & Proof Reading

Copy cleaning made easy

Time to pen your thoughts, but no time to clean your copy. No worries. Inforeach will be your third eye to help you spot spelling errors and bad sentence construction. We will proof your copies and re-write if necessary to give you clear and crisp write-ups.

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  • Type of document – report/ book content/marketing material
  • Number of pages
  • Number of drafts
  • Turnaround time

Contract Publishing

Outsource to cut costs and stress

Save staff and operational costs by outsourcing your magazines and books to Inforeach. Under contract publishing, customers engage Inforeach to handle publishing A-Z from content to printing. Depending on client needs, the publishing contract will cover the contract publisher’s responsibilities, price and tenure.

See Samples of Customer Books and Customer Magazines.

Get a Quote on Contract Publishing

  • Publication specifications – size, pages
  • Publication objectives
  • Content – writing or sourcing
  • Editing and proof-reading
  • Pagination – organizing and placement of editorial and advertisement pages
  • Design and layout requirements
  • Pre-press production – hardcopy or softcopy
  • Printing – number of copies and finishing
  • Contract period and terms of payment