Clarity and Purpose in Writing

Jan 2010

Nephrology book

Nephrology in Malaysia -
Celebrating 50 years of progress
Hardcover, 261 pages, 978-983-44909-0-4

Inforeach helped the Malaysian Society of Nephrology to capture 50 years of developments in the nephrology sector, a well-developed sector in Malaysia’s health industry. Eleven prominent personalities were interviewed by Inforeach for articles under the Pioneer Section. Book design and layout was by Inforeach.

Vistage Book

Changing and Growing -
A 15-year Journey of Vistage Malaysia
Hardcover and softcover, 148 pages, 978-967-5537

Inforeach worked with Vistage Malaysia, a member of Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO organization, to commemorate their 15 years in Malaysia. We helped the company to conceptualise the book, plus collate their photos and achievements in coaching leadership over the years. The highlights of the book are the 21 CEOs who were interviewed by Inforeach and profiled in the book.