Clarity and Purpose in Writing

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Expert Advice

Writing involves many skills, from clear thinking to good organization and human interest. As an art form, it entails the clever use of words. How does one decide what words to use, how does one string them together to make sense, how does one ensure the words flow and tell a story?

The process of writing can be tormenting to those lost in the world of verbs, nouns and adjectives. But it is extremely liberating and creative to those who can put them together to produce ground-breaking news, spine-chilling novels and inspirational movies. Below are some guides to the use of the English language which can help you in the creative process.

Guide to Prepositions

An A-Z look at what prepositions follow certain verbs, nouns, adjectives and particles

Guide to Punctuation

Enter the world of colons, semi-colons, full stops, commas and hyphens and moreā€¦

Guide to Redundant Words

How to achieve better flow and make your writing crisp and clear