Clarity and Purpose in Writing

About InfoReach


Inforeach, established in 1995, helps companies and Associations in marketing with good written content, targeted at the right audience to create the right impact. We provide writing, editing and publishing services in the print and online media. Our editorial strength is clarity and purpose in writing. (no beating around the bush!)

Inforeach’s specialization is commemorative books and customer magazine publishing. Our forte is people interviews and personality articles. Plus we have developed immense patience and perseverance in working relationships with clients. (sweet are the uses of adversity!)

Our writing and publishing services focus on business and health sectors. We have contributed content, edited copies and designed covers for many published titles – business magazines, engineering journals, health magazines and anniversary books.


Our Team

Su May PicManaging Editor – Ngam Su May

Su May, 40s, is the founder of the company. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from University Malaya and has more than 20 years experience in the writing and publishing industry.Her feature writing skills were honed under Malaysian Business magazine, a premier publication under Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. At the business magazine, she researched and wrote on a wide range of industries and interviewed captains of industry and entrepreneurs.

She later advanced into equity research and writing as the Assistant General Manager at Rashid Hussain Research Institute in Kuala Lumpur. She analysed listed companies and wrote about their problems and prospects. When she left the equity research industry, she initiated the Equity Research Writing Workshop where she trained investment analysts on the fine points of writing equity research reports.

Su May ventured into her own business in 1995 and secured contracts to write feature articles for several professional bodies in Malaysia. She then progressed into the wider area of contract publishing where she managed content, editing, artwork, pagination and printing for her clients.

Adept in business and technical subjects, she blazed new trails by stepping into the health and wellness arena in 2003. She created and launched an original, local title magazine called iSmile. The English magazine focused on health and wellness and was well received in Malaysia and Singapore.

Su May’s forte is creativity in both words and visuals to give a publication a well balanced content and ‘feel’. Her cool demeanour and astute management skills enable her to succeed in the complex nature of publishing.

Mr Kang PicChief Technical Officer – Kang Tsz Wong

Kang, 50s, is an agricultural engineer, trained at Newcastle upon Tyne University, UK. He is sought after for his expertise in the processing of plantation crops notably rubber and palm oil. He contributes his engineering knowledge to Inforeach and is proficient at solving technical and IT related problems in the company.

Rohaizi Pic

Jessie PicAdministrator – Jessie Yee

Jessie, 30s, has a Diploma in Executive Secretaryship. She is adept at all matters related to office administration and customer relations.

Our Associate Writers

Manjit Kaur Ludher

Manjit has a doctorate in Linguistics and was a lecturer in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She has journalistic experience having worked with Malay Mail earlier. Manjit’s forte is cross-cultural communications. She conducts writing workshops and contributes to several publications.

Victor Chen

Victor graduated in medicine from the University of Western Australia. He was the Medical Director for Abbott Laboratories (Malaysia) and Pharmacia (Malaysia/Singapore). He is currently an entrepreneur involved in many areas of healthcare. One of his passion is writing and he has authored several books on health.