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Editing & Writing – Vistage Malaysia e-newsletter 2012

Inforeach uplifted the content of the Vistage Malaysia’s e-newsletter with tight editing and catchy titles. The newsletter highlights the happenings in Vistage, a CEO mentoring organization that provides coaching, leadership training as well as peer group reviews.

Copywriting – MBAM Corporate/Membership Brochure 2012

Inforeach pitched Master Builders Association Malaysia’s good track record and services to the construction industry in a new corporate brochure so that Association could market themselves and attract more members.

Interview – David Mizan Hashim, CEO & Founder of Veritas Architects, 2011

Inforeach interviewed David Mizan Hashim, one of Malaysia’s renowned architects, for a new magazine Green Purchasing Asia. David was probed on his ideas on sustainable urban development and low carbon smart cities.

Conference Write-up – Earoph Malaysia’s Roundtable Discussion – “The Nuclear Option, A Post Fukushima Perspective”, 2011

Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Human Settlements (Earoph) Malaysia engaged Inforeach to put all experts’ views down in a professional report. Various energy experts as well as environmental activists put across their views on nuclear energy in Malaysia following the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster at a roundtable discussion.

Proof-reading – CFM’s Consumer Internet Info, 2011

The Communications & Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) approached Inforeach to edit and proof-read info that is vital for consumer protection for online products and services.

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